The 1000 Degrees Pizza Franchise Opportunity

Choosing the right pizza franchise to own is no small matter. We understand that.

Ultimately, the best pizza franchise has the most opportunity for you in the short term and the long run, and that is where 1000 Degrees lives.  

Unique, Innovative, Cutting Edge, Delicious…  At the 1000 Degrees Pizza Franchise company, we see the entire pizza market, a multi-billion-dollar industry, as an opportunity to not just exist in, or be part of.   At 1000 Degrees we innovate, re-create and reset the playing field along side the brands of the 80s and 90s to a new, more exciting pizza niche.  We have taken “fast-casual” or “quick service pizza” to a whole new level focusing on having the best pizza around, no matter where we open.  Quite simply put – our pizza is better than theirs, and it isn’t even close.

There may be other pizza franchise opportunities out there, but how many of them can say that they have franchisees with well over 100 food reviews, averaging 4.9 out of 5 starts?  We can.  And that is what we expect, every time a 1000 Degrees restaurant is opened.

Pizza is without question, America’s favorite food and is a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone wants a piece of the pie, we get that.  The separating factors that make the 1000 Degrees pizza franchise opportunity unique are too big too ignore, and it goes well beyond having the best pizza anywhere.  It includes having lower cost(s), having better franchise support, including but not limited to innovative and cost effective marketing strategies, and maintaining a commitment to excellence that has put 1000 Degrees on the map, for good.

The Goal: Pizza Perfection

The Goal: Pizza Perfection

We’re intent on providing the standard by which all other pizza is measured. We honor our customers with the best product that can be made – fresh, hot and delicious.

A quality pizza can’t be made of frozen dough or manufactured in a factory hundreds of miles away. At 1000 Degrees our dough starts with "Tipo 00 Neapolitan Style" flour and gets better from there. Our proprietary proofing process virtually guarantees the best tasting dough/crust anywhere. From there we use an authentic italian "fork and dividing arm" mixer that allows our dough to remain "light-and airy". It’s a hands-on art that has been honored for centuries. We’re bringing that art back to America and building a loyal fan base everywhere we go.

Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

The best kitchens in the world have the best ingredients. It’s no secret, and neither is our success.

Our dough recipe is authentic Italian from more than 100 years ago. Only Tipo “00 style” flour is mixed in a fork-style mixer to produce an airy, crispy, and exceptionally tasty crust. Dough is made fresh daily and topped with San-Marzano and Cherry tomato based sauces to create our special flavor base. Then we add quality toppings to order.

Be prepared to hear people say, “Wow!” It's okay, you'll get used to it! If having your customers compliment your pizza as "the best they have ever eaten" sounds like something you are interested in, than 1000 Degrees may be the franchise opportunity for you

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Ask anyone who owns a food franchise, and they’ll tell you that return on investment hinges on one thing: table turnover. How many times have you walked out of a restaurant because it was too full or the wait was too long?

Can you wait two minutes for a fresh pizza right out of the oven? Most people can. And they love the idea of trying something they’ve never had before!

Most people spend more time waiting for their pizza than it takes to eat it. That’s a thing of the past at 1000 Degrees Pizzeria, which spells profit for you.

Ease of Operation

Ease of Operation

If you’ve found something easier to make than a pizza, we want to know about it. But we're making success even more attainable.

Training - You'll be taught all aspects of proper restaurant management at one of our many successful locations. Our training not only includes at one of our other locations, our trainers will be ON SITE with you from the week before opening all the way to a week AFTER your grand opening. Rest Assured, we've got your back!

Once you graduate our training program, you'll see how every detail has been meticulously chosen to make your success as trouble-free as possible.

Financing - Third party financing is available for qualified candidates. Contact us today and we'll put you in contact with the right people.

Innovation Sells – Quality Brings Them Back

New for 2017: 1000 Degrees now offers “Self-Serve beer & Wine bar” options in nearly all 50 states!

Self Serve Beer wall at our Miami Lakes 1000 Degrees Franchise store

Self Serve Beer wall at our Miami Lakes 1000 Degrees Franchise store

At 1000 Degrees Pizza franchise we now offer options for the new self-serve beer and wine bars! This location features a total of 6 taps, where some locations can offer up to 30 different beer & wine on tap options.

Self Serve Beer & Wine in Bradenton, Florida

Self Serve Beer & Wine in Bradenton, Florida

At 1000 Degrees Pizza franchise we now offer options for the new self-serve beer and wine bars ranging from 5 to over 30 taps!

Americans tastes are changing. They want fresh – not frozen. They want food fast and good and everything is trending towards the fast-casual restaurant setting.  But we also understand that  quality ingredients are a must. Everyone loves variety and the freedom to “create”, and that’s what 1000 Degrees Pizza is all about.

Yes we have the fastest cook times in the country, with 2 minutes per pizza being our average, but we are far more than the fastest!  We’re looking for trustworthy and hardworking people to build on our foundation. Premium locations are available in every state at reasonable franchising cost.

Lower Costs then most: Unlike most fast casual pizza franchises for sale, 1000 Degrees is not about “selling stores”,  we are about “selling franchises”.

What does that mean?  In short, a 1000 Degrees restaurant is typically much more affordable than other fast-casual options.  Why is this? The answer is simple.  At 1000 Degrees we are not looking to build restaurants and sell them back to the franchisee partner at hundreds of thousands more then the actual cost to build them.  You pay what we pay at 1000 Degrees.  As a franchise system we are not looking to build stores for profit.  Our goal is quite the opposite.  Focused on the big picture, we are more interested in getting our stores built at the best rates possible while not comprising quality of the “fit out”.  We just do not feel the need to mark up our construction costs and would rather see our franchisees put those additional funds into working capital and future new restaurants.

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Can you take charge of a burgeoning opportunity and make the most of it? Are you the type who knows quality and appreciates it? If so, we want to talk to you today.

Be a part of the innovation and what it brings – Success.

1000 Degrees is quickly Gaining Attention Nationwide

People are taking notice of the pizza franchise that has a line outside the door and is quickly taking over the status of the “best pizza in town” everywhere we open. Not that big of a surprise, but we’re happy with the attention from our customers and the media. Americans adore pizza, and when you have the best pizza around, that’s going to raise some attention.


The secret is out: delivering quality in everything is how to succeed. Giving people what they want is how to prosper. Being the best you can be is awesome

When opportunity meets preparation, magic happens.

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