Are you interested in serving the best pizza in the city? Customers will be raving about “the best pizza they have ever eaten” once they experience 1000 Degrees Pizza. Freshly made, hand stretched Neapolitan style dough, the best cheeses and meats available, the fastest cook times in the quick service, or fast casual pizza niche are just a few of what sets 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria away from the rest.

1000 Degrees Pizzeria is currently accepting new pizza franchise applicants in all 50 states. Some territories may be taken. Multi-unit operators, as well as local area developers, may receive discounts or incentives based on commitment. Applying for a 1000 Degrees Pizzeria franchise including speaking with one of our franchise coordinators is completely free. Find out if this opportunity is right for you!

1000 Degrees Pizza Provides:

1.  The best possible product: The simplistic precision of our proprietary gas-fired “rotating deck” Neapolitan oven will amaze you. At temps over 1000° but only using natural gas as the fuel source, there isn’t the headache normally associated with wood, or coal ovens. Our oven is the only one in the world to produce true Neapolitan Pizza in 2 minutes per pie, without using Coal or Wood! Our pizza is SECOND TO NONE. We use the artisan ingredients, including the highest quality real “00″ Neapolitan flour, Burke farms meats, and Grande’ brand cheeses. Old world Neapolitan flavor coupled with North Eastern United States delicious crust.  Having your customers go out of their way to tell you “this is the best pizza I have ever eaten” daily is something you will need to get used to!  Unlike other brands in “fast casual pizza” our pizza is the best in the city, EVERY time.  There is NO BRAND in the pizza franchise market that offers anywhere near the level of pizza quality as 1000 Degrees.  1000 Degrees also sells large family style pies, the most delicious fire roasted wings anywhere and create your own salad options that set us far apart from our competition.  If you are not sure which “pizza franchise opportunity” is right for you, we invite you to compare the per unit construction costs, the multi-level franchise support system offered, and most importantly, taste our pizza and we are sure you will agree 1000 Degrees has created a product and franchise offering that the pizza niche has never seen before.

2. A unique and memorable customer experience: From entering our store to ordering our pizza to enjoying our pizza,  the customer experience is quite unique and memorable. Combining our imported ingredients with our state of the art ovens, we bake our pizzas to perfection in less than two minutes, which is just about twice as fast as ANY OTHER QSR (fast casual pizza franchise or quick service pizza franchise)!  The best end product and the best customer experience combined assures that we build a loyal customer base. Rest assured, they will tell everyone that they know that 1000 Degrees Neapolitan pizza franchise is a must go to eatery! When you bring 1000 Degrees Pizzeria to the area, word of mouth advertising spreads like wildfire!

3.  A Brand that is focused on the big picture.  We are not interested in “selling stores”, meaning marking up build-out costs to hundreds of thousands of dollars above actual cost like most pizza franchise concepts.  1000 Degrees prides itself on being focused on helping our franchisees spend less, and keep more then other brands for a reason, WE KNOW WE have the BEST PIZZA in the city, and with that knowledge we focus on what is important, the big picture, the long game, a pizzeria that outlasts it’s competition with a big advantage, BETTER PIZZA then any other pizza shop in the town.

Learn More About Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Opportunities Today!

There are only 8 simple steps to opening a 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza Franchise.

1.   Complete our Franchise Application.

2.  You’ll receive a call from one of our professional Franchise Coordinators within 1 to 2 business days of completing and submitting the application form. They will have some questions to ask you and you can ask them some questions after briefly discussing goals, number of stores and locations.

3.   Review Franchise Disclosure Document and get familiar with 1000 Degrees Pizzeria.  Learn how our culture operates and how we strive to provide something customers just cannot get anywhere else.

4.  Schedule a discovery day. Meet with us at one of our locations in New Jersey.  You can ask questions and get a feel for how a 1000 Degrees Neapolitan pizza franchise operates.  You will experience the structure and support first hand.

5.   Sign a 1000 Degrees Fast Casual Neapolitan Pizza Franchise Agreement.

6.   Begin construction. With our guidance in helping you select a location and design, you will be well on your way to owning your own Neapolitan Pizza Franchise. In as little as 60-90 days your store can be up and turning fresh Neapolitan Fast-Casual Style Pizza*.

7.  Visit a corporate store for training and learn how to operate your own 1000 Degrees Neapolitan pizza franchise.  Yourself, your partners and your team will undergo an estimated 40 hours of IN-STORE training.  Our training includes how to make our proprietary Neapolitan Dough recipe, learning how our point of sale system works, and much more.  Once your store has opened, we will have a franchise operations staff member on site to guide you thru your grand opening period and more if necessary!

Finally you get to opening day! Our team of support staff is here to help you have a successful opening day and to help you succeed in the future.

If you have any questions about 1000 Degrees Pizzeria or about how to open your own Neapolitan Pizza franchise fill out the Franchisee Application Form or give us a call at 609.742.9911. We look forward to welcoming you into the 1000 Degrees family!

*60-90 days is the average turnaround time on new Neapolitan Pizza franchise. Your actual build out and opening time may vary.

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