Franchise Financing

Jump Start Your Franchise Success

A successful franchise requires a strong financial foundation to get started and to operate over time. That’s why we’ve partnered with a highly experienced financial services company dedicated to the franchise community. A full spectrum of services are available at any time to maintain the financial health of your franchise.

The financial services areas include:

  • Funding
  • Insurance
  • Payroll Management and Human Resources Services

Professional grade assistance is available at any time during your franchise period from start-up forward. It’s like having your own in-house finance department only better, because you don’t have to manage personnel or pay the overhead of in-house expertise.

Thirty years of experience helping more than 10,000 entrepreneurs just like you is the kind of track record you can count on for success.

Funding Plans

Numerous funding plans for the operations or the purchase of a franchise are available.

Below are brief descriptions of the current selection:

  • 401 (k)/IRA Business Funding – Existing retirement plan funds can be used to start or purchase a business while maintaining tax deferment and avoiding penalties.
  • SBA 7a Loans – Used for both start-up and existing businesses, these loans are available up to $5 million for any legitimate business purpose.
  • SBA Preferred Small Business Loans – These smaller loans up to $150K are sometimes referred to as “Fast Track” loans, and approval usually happens within seven business days.
  • Securities Backed Lines of Credit – Use your existing portfolio of securities to secure a bank line of credit while maintaining all appreciation and dividends and avoiding capital gains taxes.
  • Equipment Leasing – Acquire all the equipment you need with affordable payments instead of large out-of-pocket expenses.

Insurance Plans

Business security requires solid insurance.

The plans below help reduce the complexity of insurance management while ensuring smooth operations in the future.

  • Health Insurance – The health insurance landscape is complicated, but your needs can be met regardless of whether you’re seeking a plan for an individual, family or group.
  • Business & Risk Management Insurance – Gain access to an entire network of insurance companies ready to develop a comprehensive insurance strategy to meet your needs.

Payroll Plan

Streamline your finance operations with payroll services, cash flow management, tax compliance and human resources management. A team of professionals is at your fingertips any time you ask.

You may never need any of the services outlined above, but you can rest assured that business expertise is always available with the help of our business consultants. We offer these services to eliminate any obstacle you may encounter on the way to franchise success and profitability.

We’ll help you find the financial answers you need.