The Act of Practicing Excellence

Mark Twain said that training is everything. Without it he claimed, the cauliflower is nothing more than a cabbage with a college education. We’re not sure that’s true, but we do understand how training affects food and the dining experience.

We take training very seriously at 1000 Degrees Pizzeria. The information and practices we developed didn’t arrive overnight. We set a goal to create an experience for our customers unmatched by competitors and to spread that success through a thriving franchise network. Our training processes are honed to achieve that purpose.

Every successful organization or individual is highly trained. Training is a fundamental building block of accomplishment. When the moment to perform arrives, individuals must be capable of springing into action exactly as they were trained. The 1000 Degrees Pizzeria customer deserves nothing less.

We provide an intensive two-phase training program for our franchisees to ensure their success.

Phase One

Phase One takes place at our corporate store and involves observation followed by hands-on operation. The following topics are covered among many others:

Phase Two

Phase Two takes place in your store prior to the Grand Opening and extends into the first week of operations. Your Trainer is on site at all times to guide your every step. You will receive:

  • Three days of employee training and cross-training prior to store launch
  • One week of supervised operations and strategic management after store launch

When your Trainer is satisfied that you’re properly prepared, he or she will provide a set of notes to augment any areas that need additional attention. Your Franchise Coordinator is always available by phone or email for additional consultation after the Trainer leaves.

Nothing is more important to us than your success. You are the face of 1000 Degrees Pizzeria in your community. We choose our franchisees based upon our evaluation of their success – we believe in you. That’s why you can count on us to stand by you during your first steps toward independent achievement as a successful franchisee.